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Kirsten Lofgren was born and raised in East Tennessee. She grew up exploring forests around her home and hiking in the mountains with her family. She moved west to explore the deserts and mountains of Utah, where she received her BFA in Studio Art from Brigham Young University in 2015. She has exhibited around the United States and in Berlin, participating in shows at the Woodbury Art Museum, the Bemis Arts Building, and the Women’s Museum among others. She now makes drawings and oil paintings in Austin, TX.

Artist Statement

Inspiration comes when I am forced to confront the implications of human insignificance. I draw from sublime experiences I have had in wild landscapes around the world. Through the creation of paintings, drawing, photography, and video work I explore the tension between humanity’s constructed world and priorities and the ceaseless change of our planet. When making art, I think about fond memories, straining circumstances in human lives, and the ways in which people and their environments change each other. My work often uses imagery of real places and abstract structures to create imagined worlds. These impossible places carry the emotions of physical places and speak to the complex emotional relationships we have with the land around us. 

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Curriculum Vitae

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2015    BFA Studio Arts, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

Solo Exhibitions

2019 FRESH: Kirsten Lofgren, REVELRY, Austin, TX

2019 Kirsten Lofgren, Brugger’s Bagels, Austin, TX

2017    Kirsten Lofgren, Desert Door, Driftwood, TX

2015    Nothing Collapses, Gallery 303, Provo, UT

2014    Behind Nature, Harris Fine Art Center, Provo, UT

2013    Impressions of Place, Harris Fine Art Center, Provo, UT

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Women of WEST go East, Cloud Tree Studios and Gallery, Austin, TX

2018 East Austin Studio Tour, Pump Project Art Complex, Austin, TX

2017    You Are Here, Wild Basin Creative Research Center, Austin, TX

2017    Far Country, 120Art, Taylor, TX

2016    Topology Studio Tour, Topology, Austin, TX

2015    Art of Our Century, Woodbury Art Museum, Orem, UT

2015    Horror Show: Fear and the Abject, Gallery Gallery, Provo, UT, Curator: Maddison Colvin

2015    Mayhew Show, Harris Fine Art Center, Provo, UT

2014    Running Parallel, Gallery 303, Provo, UT

2014    Pilgrimage, Harris Fine Art Center, Provo, UT

2014     Visiting Student Show, The WYE, Berlin, DE

2014    Bemis Arts Spring Show, Bemis Arts Building, Seattle, WA

2014    Mayhew Show, Harris Fine Art Center, Provo, UT

2014    BYU vs. UVU, Utah County Art Gallery, Provo, UT

2013    Mapping the Whole, Harris Fine Art Center, Provo, UT, Curator: Tiana Birrell


2015    Get It Together, Gallery Gallery, Provo, UT, Co-Curator: Lexi Johnson


2017    Bliss, ArtAscent, April 2017 V24

2017    January 2017, Average Art Magazine, January 2017

2015    Consumption, Lintroller, Issue 01, Guest Curated by Dilys Ng