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Work in Brooklyn, Album Art, and Etsy!

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I am excited to be part of a group show of small works  at Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. If you’re in the city this summer, you can see my piece Desiccated 15 alongside great works by many artists from New York and around the world. Go to Trestle Gallery’s website to see photos of the show and all of the work included. 

The second place you can find my work this summer is on the cover of the new album Nights and Weekends by Teddy Glass. You can see my piece Desiccated 10 on the album at their in-store performance at Waterloo Records at 5 pm on August 22.

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My last piece of exciting news is the launch of my new Etsy shop! I have prints as well as original works live on the store now and I will be adding more and more in the coming days. Take a chance to check it out! Also, let me know if there’s anything you want that’s not up there yet.



WEST Austin Studio Tour at ToolMarks ATX

 3900 Woodbury Drive, Austin, TX, May 12-13 & 19-20, 11am–6pm

3900 Woodbury Drive, Austin, TX, May 12-13 & 19-20, 11am–6pm

I am a guest at Shota Yamaguchi's Toolmarks ATX this year. Toolmarks is a interesting woodworking collective space full of raw wood, circular saws, and now paintings! My work will be up alongside 12 other great Austin artists and craftsman. I'll be there all day from 11am–6pm both weekends, May 12-13 and May 19-20. 

I am excited to share the new pieces I have being working on the past few months as well as giclée prints of my paintings. Come by the shop to say hi and see my new work!

Address: 3900 Woodbury Drive, Austin, TX
Dates: May 12-13 & 19-20
Times: 11am–6pm
WEST Stops: 310-319

Facebook Page

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I have taken the leap and made a new Facebook page. You can keep up to date and see all my posts @kirstenlofgrenaart on Facebook. I'll be posting new and in-process work there, as well as any updates on upcoming shows.

Recent Show at Desert Door

A solo show of my work was at Desert Door from November 2017-Februray 2018.


The Desert Door sotol distillery is the only sotol distillery in the United States and features a beautiful bar and tasting room. The tasting room serves Desert Door Texas Sotol and cocktails. Desert Door Texas Sotol is a distilled spirit from wild-harvested sotol plants. Adjoined to the tasting room is an art space showing the work of local Texas artists. To find out more about Desert Door at: https://www.desertdoor.com/